AME(Approval Management Engine) Part 1


In this article you will understand the basic concept of AME. This article will lay the foundation of some of the AME examples in iRecruitment and SSHR that will be covered.

What is AME?
AME by definition is a Approval Management Engine that Builds a list of approvers for a specific transaction using business rules. However in simple words, AME is a “IF THEN….ELSE….END IF” condition – wrapped into an API.
That’s exactly what AME is. It is a IF THEN ELSE CONDITION wrapped up into a lets say Function Call to produce a list of approvers. The complexities are taken care of by the Approval Management Engine itself. However this “IF CONDITION” definition holds true when talking about the simplest possible definition of AME. Therefore if you can understand “IF Condition”, then you can understand AME. Further to that, if you know how to write IF Conditions and how to write SQL, then you will be able to implement most of the AME Business requirements with ease. Lets have a look into IF CONDITION from another perspective.

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