Fusion Person Management

HR Specialists and Line Managers perform:

  • Add Person
  • Manage Employment Information
  • Change Employment
  • Promote Worker
  • Transfer Worker
  • Terminate Worker
  • Manage Personal Information

Creating Person Records:

  • Hiring an employee
  • Adding a contingent worker
  • Adding a nonworker
  • Adding a pending worker
  • Adding a contact to the record of another person

Note the following:

  • If the person leaves the enterprise, you terminate the person’s work relationships.
  • If the person later rejoins the enterprise, you create a new work relationship.The person record continues to exist, even when the person has no current work relationships in the enterprise and no current contact relationships with other workers.
  • When adding a person, if you click any of the fields in the Managers section, you must specify a value for the required fields. Otherwise, you won’t be able to proceed with the transaction.


Adding person record : When there is no existing person record nor work relationship.

Rehire: When person record exists but no work relationship.

Hiring Non Worker: If I am working as a volunteer in company, and now i will be hired then my existing person record will be used and will have to work relationship non worker and employee work relationship.

Hiring a contact: if  my wife is working in company, and I am emergency contact for her.

In that case, if enough info already present then only work relationship will be created else both.

Managing Person Work Email:

  1. A person can have only one work email.
  2. It’s stored in Oracle Fusion Identity Store.

Note the following:

  • If you enter a work email, it’s sent to Oracle Fusion Identity Store.
  • If you enter a work email in the Security Console, it’s returned to Oracle Fusion HCM.
  1. If you enter a person’s work email, you can’t edit or delete the email on the person information pages.
  2. You must edit the work email in the Security Console or contact your administrator. Updates made to the work email in the Security Console also appear on the person information pages.


Secondary Work Email:

To enter a secondary work email, you must add a lookup value to the EMAIL_TYPE lookup type. You maintain the secondary work email on the person information pages and not in the Security Console.


Work Phones Lookup Codes

Predefined phone types that have a lookup code that begin with W are considered public.

If Lookup starts with W — Public, everyone can see

If Lookup doesn’t start with W, Sensitive.

Converting a Pending Worker:

Pending Worker to Employee or Contingent Worker.


Quick Conversion. No Approvals.

Automatic Conversion: Schedule Process Convert Pending Workers Automatically scheduled process.

**Work Relationship ***

  • Relationship bw person and legal employer.
  • All work relationship must contains 1 assignment.

Work Relationship Types

  1. Employee
  2. Contingent worker
  3. Nonworker
  4. Pending worker
  • Primary and Nonprimary Work Relationships : Can have only 1 primary and many non primary work relationships.
  • Terminating the Primary Work Relationship
  • Multiple Work relationship for person can exist.

 HR: Local or Global Name Format controls whether users see local names or global names by default.

What’s a pending worker?

A person who will be hired or start a contingent worker placement and for whom you create a person record that is effective before the hire or start date.

When the new hire or placement is finalized, you convert the new worker to the proposed worker type. For example, when a new employee’s hire is completed, you convert the pending worker record to an employee record. Therefore, the pending-worker functions provide greater control of the hiring process than simply hiring an employee or adding a contingent worker with a future start date.

Note: A person who already has a person record cannot be a pending worker.








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