Extra Information Types (EIT) in Oracle Applications

In this blog I will explain how to create EIT in Oracle HRMS.EITs are basically Descriptive Flexfields (DFF).Standard product has EIT DFFs defined in forms such as Person,Assignment,Job etc.We can add segments to the defined DFF based on our requirements so that it will appear in corresponding screen.Compared to SIT EIT has added security.We can enable EIT  for specific responsibility.

Following steps needs to be perform to create EIT.

1) Create the DFF segments.

Navigate to Application Developer > Flexfield > Descriptive > Segments.

Query for Extra Person Information under Human Resources application.

Uncheck Freeze Flexfield Definition and create the segment.

Click on Segments.Enter the segment details.

Click on save.In the Descriptive Flexfield Segments window check the Freeze Flexfield Definition.Save your work.

2) Register the Extra Information Types.

Navigate to Super HRMS Manager responsibility.Select Register Extra Information Types (EITs) standard concurrent program from the SRS window.Give appropriate values and submit.

3) Assign the EIT to responsibility.

Navigate to Security > Information Types Security under any HRMS responsibility.

Choose the appropriate responsibility (Here I am using Human Resources, Vision Enterprises). Assign the above created EIT.

Save your work.

4) Test the EIT.

Navigate to Human Resources, Vision Enterprises responsibility.Choose any person of type Employee.Click on Others and choose Extra Information.

Save your work.

The above entered information will get populated in PER_PEOPLE_EXTRA_INFO.

The API to create EIT information is HR_PERSON_EXTRA_INFO_API.


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