Oracle Payroll Notes

Can you pay an employee with several assignments a single payment?
Yes, Oracle Payroll enables you to pay a single payment to an employee with several
assignments within your organization. You enable the payment by selecting the
Multiple Assignment check box on the Define Payroll window.
Can you run payroll processes and reports multilingually?
Payroll processes and reports are always submitted and always run in the local
language only. This means that US and UK payroll reports can only be run in English.
Canadian reports can be run in English or Canadian French.


How do you synchronise a payslip with the official payment date?
Use the payslip offset on the Define Payroll window to specify the number of days
between the completion of your payroll processes and the availability of employee


Payroll Definition :

  1. Consolidation Sets
  2. Assignment Sets
  3. Period Types And Calendar

To update consolidation set for payroll run,  do it through update payroll run window. It can be done for specific period or as per user requirement.

Assignment Set Definition by using Formula Criteria or Amendments.

Do not create a mixture of Include and Exclude rows if you have not entered criteria
and generated a formula.

Default Payment method set at payroll level is mostly check as You cannot select a method using magnetic tape because this requires information about employees’ bank accounts.

Date Offset Region :

The Check Date, sometimes called Pay Date, is the date of constructive receipt
of pay, on which paychecks become negotiable.

The Scheduled Run Date is the date scheduled for the Regular run of this
payroll each period.

The Cut Off date, included for your reference, is the final date for entering or
changing payroll information before a run.

A payslip offset, reckoned from the completion date for your payroll processes
is always a positive number to enable you to prevent employees from viewing
payslips before the official payment date.


Check the Negative Payment Allowed check box if you want the PrePayments
process to include negative payments. If you leave the box unchecked, the
PrePayments process ignores negative payments.

You can change the payroll’s default Open status in any period to Closed to
prevent further element entries. You can also reopen the period if necessary.

Allocating Payroll Contacts : Not Covered.

Balance Adjustment: Once we process balance adjustment record gets created in PAY_PAYROLL_ACTIONS table.


Payroll Payments and Distributions:


Payslip Modelling ?

Cash management for reconciliation.

Setting up Payment Methods

Setting up a Global Statement of Earnings:

It is done @ BG level in SOE Information.


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