OAF Basics

OAF Basics:OAF Basics:
OAF : Oracle application Framework
Model : BC4j : Business Components for JavaAM : Application ModuleVO : View ObjectEO : Entity Object

View : UIX : user interface for XML
CO : OAControllerImpl

——Software : Jdeveloper based on Ebiz versionProg Languaga : Core java/ XML
—Application Server : Apache ( R12 13)      Weblogic (R1224)
Jdev Software :
1) jdevbin : Binary Files, APis2) jdevdoc : Documentation about : OAF Libraries3) jdevhome : source directiory , where jdeeveloper writes code
Configuration :
Enviornment Variable:
JDEV_USER_HOME : C:\jdev\jdevhome\jdev\peeyush
Start Jdev :in Bin Folder   jdevW.exe
In Jdeveloper
1) Create DB connection with Apps schema
2) Tools > Default project  properties
In Run time connections: credentials are application login
3) get DBC File from $FND_SECURE   and copy the file on local system.


Jdev Hierarchy :
1) Workspace   2) Project      3) Package/Files

For package there is naming convention
[<clientName>].oracle.apps.<VALID_TOP_NAME>.server   –> AM /Vo/VL

[<clientName>].oracle.apps.<VALID_TOP_NAME>.webui –>PG/RN/CO

[<clientName>].oracle.apps.<VALID_TOP_NAME>.schema.server  –> EO

[<clientName>].oracle.apps.<VALID_TOP_NAME>.lov.server –> LOV


[<clientName>].oracle.apps.<VALID_TOP_NAME>.poplist.server –> poplist



Creating a Workspace –> Project
Then Application Module
Then Page. with package names as above
Page created is a XML File.















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