Interview Questions

1) AME responsibilities and how to tag it user?
2) Commit inside Procedure or Function ?

3) View and Materized View.
4) Absence Management , Element.
5) Type of element used in absence Management and why?
6) Business Group Classification?
7) Employee Hire process till Termination process
8) Position Types
9) If multiple records in assignment, how to update
10) differenece between DFF and EIT, whcih one is better, How u will convince user to use dat?
11) How to allow user to enter only one EIT record– while generation
12) User hook — Table identified to find API
13) Payroll Costing,segments ,priority. Qualifier
14) Update modes in API
15) Delete Modes in APi and usage
16) If we want to delete employee records completey, is it feasible completey?
17) What could be the reason we cannot tag Hr Org?
18) Oracle Report neeeds to be tagged to self service.How exactly we will do that.
19) Fast Formula for Employee Number

20) Migrating Employees and Employee Number from Automatic to Manual or vice versa.

23) How to disable tab in person form other than Form Persoanlization

24) Difference Between Valuset and Lookup

25) How to use DFF in Fast Formula

26) Lookup Types– User, System and Extensible. Tag purpose

27)  Applicant to Employee can be done on same date ?

28) Adjusted Service Date purpose?

29) Difference between UK and US Legislation

30) How you will delete employee data, after employee payroll is processed.

31) How u will recivor eemployee paid amount when emplloyee abscond the org.

32) Difference bw Rehire and Reverse Termination, how u will keep same person id after rehire?

33) Fast formula for employee number generation and how to migrate automatic to manual and vice versa

34) Diff. between valuset and lookup

35) Differrent type of valusets?


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