Fusion Rough Notes

POD : Platform on Demand   https://ecqg-test.POD : Platform on Demand   https://ecqg-test.
Client buy from Oracle.

No Database server.
SEtup and Maintance : Setup related Activities.
Modules(EBS) are termed as offering in Fusion.

Core HR Offerings:
Talent reviewPerformance Management.
Workforce Development:  Performance/TalentWorkforce Deployment:  Core HR Setup

** Setup Task List and Tasks

In fusion, no customisation allowed.
===============================================Define Geographies=====================================
Define Geographies not important in middleeast projects.
We create super user in system. In Talent management system, system expects  user to be an employee, in order to do setup.


Geo Structure               Geo Hierarchy                   Geo Validation
— City State —STate City—-Province                County

— In Middleast, Address is flat line structure.We don’t go for Geo Structure.
— In US, there is vendor VERTEX , which uploads data through loader in Oracle Fusion.
All the codes of address of entire country is provided by VERTEX.
It creates geo structure.
When we load employees, only employees having valid address gets loaded.

Gep Coding : provide lat and longitude used in sales project.
For ENabling, we need to run the process.

Fusion Videos http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/globalcs_gs/globalcs_videos.htm
Fusion Table info http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/farel9/globalcs_gs/OEDMH/HR_LOCATIONS_ALL_VL_view.htm








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