Oracle Advanced Benefits Overview

Benefits Overview:

General Definitions:

·        Eligibility/Rate Factors

  • Benefits Group   BEN_BENFTS_GRP
  • Derived Factors    BEN_COMP_LVL_FCTR
  • Postal/Zip   BEN_PSTL_ZIP_RNG_F
  • Service Areas BEN_SVC_AREA_F

·        Eligibility profile

  • Participant                                     BEN_ELIGY_PRFL_F
  • Dependent Coverage                    BEN_DPNT_CVG_ELIGY_PRFL_F
  • Maintain Eligibility Criteria Type: It’s an OAF page.


·        Additional Setup

  • Program/Plan Years BEN_YR_PERD
  • Regulations BEN_REGN_F   /   BEN_REGN_F_TL
  • Reporting Groups
  • Goods and Services BEN_GD_OR_SVC_TYP
  • Life Event Reasons BEN_LER_F / BEN_LER_F_TL
  • Collapse Life Events
  • Communication Types BEN_CM_TYP_F /  BEN_CM_TYP_F_TL
  • Enrollment Action Types BEN_ACTN_TYP


·         Message Configuration:   Not used.

·         Authentication Activities:  BEN_CSR_ACTIVITIES

It List out all forms, which will come in Benefits Service Center.

Programs and Plans:

  • View Program Structure
  • Plan Types                       BEN_PL_TYP_F
  • Options BEN_OPT_F
  • Plans        BNE_PL_F
  • Plan Enrollment Requirements
  • Plan Reimbursement        BEN_PL_F
  • Plan Primary Care Providers
  • Programs BEN_PGM_F
  • Program Enrollment Requirements
  • Plan Design Copy It’s an OAF Page.
  • Plan Third Party Identifier

Rates/Coverage Definitions:

  • Variable Rate profiles                                  BEN_VRBL_RT_PRFL_F
  • Standard Rate       BEN_ACTY_BASE_RT_F
  • Period to Date Limits
  • Coverage Calculations    BEN_CVG_AMT_CALC_MRHD_F / BEN_OIPL_F / BEN_PLIP_F
  • Coverage Across Plan Types
  • Actual Premiums
  • Imputed Income BEN_ACTY_BASE_RT_F
  • Benefits Pool
  • Flex Credits
  • Combinations
  • Maintain Criteria Rate Definitions It’s an OAF page.
  • Maintain Rate Matrix                                 It’s an OAF page.







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