How does Oracle know which workflow process to initiate when a user enters “Person Information” screen in SSHR

When user clicks on SSHR Menu Item, the name of the workflow process is passed as a parameter to the form function. Therefore, the sequence of events are
  • User clicks on a menu in SSHR responsibility
  • Form Function attached to Menu is invoked.
  • This Form Function invokes AK Region HR_CREATE_PROCESS_TOP_SS [See Web HTML of Form Function HR_PERINFO_SS]

This AK region is mapped to OAF Page /oracle/apps/per/selfservice/workflowservice/webui/CreateProcessPG
In some cases SSHR Function directly invokes an OA Framework page, specifically holds true for pages developed post-AK-Developer era
  • Parameter pProcessName is read and the Workflow Process named “Personal Information” is initiated
  • All these steps are illustrated in image below


How does Oracle know which AME Transaction Type to use for that screen
As shown in image above, two parameters named pAMETranType and pAMEAppId are passed as parameter to the Form Function. This tells which AME Transaction Type will be used by the SSHR screen. However the decesion of whether AME is switched ON or OFF is decided by a Wokflow Activity named “Review Page”. Every SSHR Workflow Process as a step named “Review Page”. As shown in image below, when you double click on activity Review Page you will notice that this Workflow Function is passed a parameter named HR_APPROVAL_REQ_FLAG. If this WF Activity parameter is Yes or “Yes – Dynamic Approval” then the AME is called for Approval processing. To change the standard Approval processing in Oracle Self Service HRMS, you can customize this property to enable or disable the Approval Processing for specific screen in HRMS.

Further details of how you can implement differing AME logic for different SSHR screens will be covered in a future article.
Note- It is in Self Service HR [HRMS] that the AME Trx Type is passed as passed as parameter to the screen function. Every calling module can have its own specific way using which the AME Trx Type to be used is configured.
For example, in iRecruitment we have the following profile options that dictate the AME Transaction Type being used
IRC: Vacancy Approval Transaction Type         -Identifies the vacancy approvals transaction type to be is used.
IRC: Offer Details Approval Transaction Type    -Offer Details Approval Transaction Type
IRC: Extend Offer Duration Transaction Type    -Extend Offer Duration Transaction Type

Do we directly customize the Workflow Process to change the AME behaviour for a screen?
Not really. You will copy the existing workflow process and create a new workflow process. For example a new workflow process named XX will be created. The review page property within this workflow process will be modified to use/remove AME. Thereafter you will create a new custom Form Function and attach that Custom Form Function to the Menu. This Custom Form function will be passed in the parameter pProcessName with Custom Workflow Process Name. This function must also be included within the menu named “HR_GLOBAL_SS_FUNCTIONS_CUSTOM”. This will facilitate usage of the custom Form Function in SSHR.

Some further info
When a user makes changes to the data via SSHR, the following tables are populated.
The table HR_API_TRANSACTION_VALUES contains the old and the new values of the each possible column/attribute that was changed by the user.


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